Bite Size: Rory Sutherland on Science, Business, and the Future

roryAdvertising guru and behavioral economics advocate brought his bold style to a recent interview at Indecision Blog.  Here’s a few highlights.

“Do not feel that if you work in the advertising business you have to leave your morals at the door. You will be surprised …” and he went on to talk about positive moral attributes he sees in many advertisers.

“For an idea to succeed [In business], it does not have to be perfect, it merely has to be less stupid than your competitors’ ideas. Academia can have its disadvantages…” and he went on to talk about walls preventing progress in academia.

“I truly believe that ‘The Next Big Thing’ is not a technology at all. Most progress in the developed world in this coming century – economic, social, hedonic – could in fact come from improvements in the social sciences.”

Full article here.

Bite size are pieces of big articles. We let you try it before you read it and sometimes hear commentary from us at PSB.


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