From the Web: Competition, Politics, DIY, and Research Sins

Professor Michel Pham talks "7 Sins"

Professor Michel Pham talks “7 Sins”

In a rush? Just read the PSB short summary or explore deeper. Got extra time? Click the links.


People see competitors as different  – “Consumers tend to believe strangers are socially similar. This lowers aggressiveness toward others. But competitive contexts lead consumers to become more aggressive because they infer that others are different.”

The Paradox of Political Mavericks – An old article that enlightens the new discussion of how many Republicans are embracing gay marriage and how this causes party backlash. In sum we tend to like the idea of mavericks but not when they directly disagree with us. So in other words, we don’t like mavericks in our own political parties.

How DIY Relates to Masculinity – Some men do DIY to provide for the family while others use to fulfill a craftsman fantasy, cultural and economic influences discussed.

Critiquing Dawkins – Ian Tingen states “Dawkins is a great biologist, but a horrible psychologist.” Ian rants a little about “New Atheists,” gets a little personal, and talks a little psychology.

Death Panel Myth and Backfire – Cass Sunstein talks about how politics can get so distorted and what one might think should lead to less bias, leads to more.

Pseudo Academia – Looks at “scientific” journals that exist to make money by impersonating the image of top journals.

If you have time, the first one is fun and the second is great for researchers.

5 simple things that can make you smarter—Note make sure to click on some of the paper links because the summaries of the findings are often a little sparse.

7 Sins of Research –Michel Pham talks about what he sees as problems in social science research.  I had the pleasure of seeing this speech live at the Society for Consumer Psychology and it was incredible.


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