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Today, I gave a talk about using social science to help improve organ donation at the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations annual conference. To all those at AOPO, it has wonderful meeting you, talking to you, and learning from you.

If you want to know more …

My Slides: Click here for slides.

Watch: What is Behavioral Economics (4 Minutes)

Still interested then watch: Dan Ariely Ted Talk (17 Minutes)

Still interested then read: Predictably Irrational.

About my website PeopleScienceBlog…

I also write about a lot of topics related to behavioral economics  here at where I collate things I write for the Huffington Post, Indecision Blog, Center for Advanced Hindsight, a few other outlets, and also include some of my favorite recent social science findings from others.

So check back here if you are looking for a steady but not overwhelming stream of information. You can also follower me on twitter @TroyHCampbell where I tweet but not too much.

Please feel free to contact me at

What book to read?

If you are interested in the medical world start with Peter Ubel’s Critical Decisions.

If you are a manager start with  Chip Heath and Dan Heath’s Switch.

Otherwise start with Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational.

A Main Finding in Behavioral Sciences: We Forget

No matter how smart we think we are, we tend to forget things.  We forget not to project our emotions on others. We forget the statistical rules about how useless small sample sizes are and instead use intuitive feelings about only a few observations. We forget things we were taught in a training session three years ago.

So follow the Three R’s to keep yourself on track.

Reminders – Whether it’s a poster on a wall, a comment from a colleague, or meeting where you check up with your fellow employees and remind each other

Read – Always be a student. Keep reading books that you’ve read before or new ones. Spend at least an hour every week immersed in research or opinion pieces. Keep the mind expanding.

Re-Train – Keep up the role playing and the training. Just because people will say “I know this already” doesn’t mean they “know” it when they are on the job, without constant re-training and reminding.


Religion is great at the three R’s. Every week the pastor teaches a few new things, but most importantly the pastor reminds people of the important doctrine.  Pastors know that no matter how good the doctrine is, if people do not consistently focus on religion doctrine they will stray.


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