Dan Ariely Interview on Indecision Blog

dan-arielyphotoRecently, I interviewed Professor Dan Ariely for the Research Heroes series on Indecision Blog. You can read the full interview here. Below are my favorite lines from the interview.


On what academia has been missing.

“We have been ignoring culture too much.”


Advice to graduate students

“Love first – suitable with the profession second.”


On Data

“I think of analyzing data as almost a religious experience. Sadly, I don’t do it as much as I use to, but on that day I took a glass of wine.”


What he’d be in another life.

“I would have loved to been architect as I think of them as designers of human interaction. Granted, not all architects but many are: they create the environment in which people live, and in that perspective I think they are like social scientist but in a particular domain. I would have loved to try that and have an impact on how people live.”


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